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With more than two dozen attorneys working in a wide variety of practice areas, we have the resources and diversity to address nearly any legal issue you may be facing. Many of our attorneys practice in multiple areas, and we collaborate with one another to ensure that each client receives comprehensive representation.

Our firm resources and lawyer skill sets match up with larger cities like Cleveland with competitive and manageable fee structures that fit your budget.

Committed To Personalized Attention And Service

Our firm may be larger than most, but we haven't lost sight of the values that smaller firms offer. We represent individuals, small businesses and larger companies, and all clients receive the same level of personalized attention and legal skill. We are easy to reach and prompt about returning messages. And no matter how large or small your legal issue may be, we will not be satisfied until we help you reach the best resolution available.

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Roderick Linton Belfance, LLP, is located in Akron and serves clients throughout Ohio. To schedule a consultation with one of our many skilled lawyers, call us at 234-281-4949, or send us an email.