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Helping You Create Secure Contracts

While some business can be conducted with a simple handshake, it is in the best interest of companies, large or small, to create legally binding and enforceable contracts. With the complexities of business law, the importance of drafting a sound agreement can save you and your company from legal headaches down the road. For decades, the attorneys at Roderick Linton Belfance, LLP, have been assisting individuals and businesses in Ohio protect their interests with quality contracts.

Ensuring Contract Enforceability

When you enter into an agreement with another person, business or group, a solid contract can give some peace of mind for each party, knowing it is binding to each. There are several criteria that dictate if a contract is legally binding:

  • Lack of capacity – All parties in a contract agreement must be able to understand the details of the contract. People with a mental disability or minors cannot be obligated to comply.
  • Undue influence or misrepresentation – If someone uses their influence on you in order to get you to sign a contract or they misrepresented the facts or stipulations, it may not be enforceable.
  • Illegality – If the terms of a contract are illegal, it will not be enforced.
  • Unconscionability – A court will examine if a contract includes goods or services priced at excessive levels, if each party had the opportunity to ask questions and are able to understand the terms.

Backing You In A Contract Breach

When a person or business involved in a contract fails to deliver or perform, they can be found in breach of that contract. The person who is in breach can be forced to pay for financial harm to the other party or a lawsuit can be filed against them, which can result in damages awarded to the nonbreaching party. It is imperative to put skilled and experienced business law attorneys at your side in these complex situations.

Protect Your Business. Call Today.

The attorneys at Roderick Linton Belfance, LLP, have continued their track record of excellence since 1885, helping individuals and businesses maximize their success. To discuss the development of secure and enforceable contracts or if you believe someone has breached their contract with you, call our Akron or Medina offices to set up a consultation today. Call 234-281-4949 or use our online contact form now.