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Thoughtful Elder Law Counseling

Roderick Linton Belfance, LLP‘s attorneys offer counseling and advice in elder law. Elder law is an emerging area of practice that deals with the special needs of this country’s fastest growing population — senior citizens.

Planning For Long-Term Care

One aspect of elder law deals with planning for the future. Elder law goes beyond the traditional issues of how an individual will pass along his or her assets at death and concentrates on issues facing today’s seniors who are living longer lives than past generations. Important to today’s seniors are issues such as future housing, medical care and what will happen if an elderly individual is incapacitated. Accordingly, as a complement to estate planning, Roderick Linton Belfance, LLP, offers advice and counseling on issues such as guardianship, conservatorship, Medicaid and other issues of long-term care.

Protection From Nursing Home Abuse

With the continued popularity of nursing homes and assisted living arrangements for the elderly, there has also been a concomitant rise in issues concerning elder abuse. Issues concerning nursing home resident care, including staffing, quality of care, use of restraints, and the rights of residents (including their privacy rights) are contained in the Nursing Home Reform Act (NRA) of 1987 and in state-enacted statutes, which provide reporting and investigation requirements. In extreme cases, however, a resident’s rights may need to be protected by legal action. A variety of legal theories are potentially available against a nursing home providing substandard care, including breach of contract, fraud, assault or failure to comply with state nursing home statutes. Our attorneys provide advice and represent seniors and their families in these matters.

Contact Our Firm For Comprehensive Elder Law Counsel

You or your elderly family members deserve a thoughtful long-term care plan and protection from elder abuse. We can provide the careful estate planning services or assertive estate litigation representation that you require.

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